Monday, June 2, 2003

At Last, He's Come to His Senses...

Former Republican joins Stonewall Democrats caucus

The National Stonewall Democrats, a gay political group, on Monday welcomed New Hampshire state representative Corey Corbin of Rockingham as the newest member of the NSD Elected Officials Caucus. Corbin, who was previously a Republican, changed party affiliation last week in the wake of the well-publicized antigay comments made by U.S. senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania.

"Being a gay man and, up until this week, a Republican, those comments truly summed up for me the attitude of the GOP toward the millions of gay men and women who work, raise families, pay taxes, and contribute to our society," Corbin said. "We are hated, we are marginalized and are basically unwanted by a party that has forsaken the principles of Abraham Lincoln and become dominated by a right wing that falls far short of representing mainstream America."

Corbin was first elected to the New Hampshire house of representatives in 2000.

"We're excited to welcome Corey into our Elected Officials Caucus," said Dave Noble, NSD executive director. "As a former Republican, he is able to vocalize the strong differences that exist between the two major parties on issues of equality."

My Comment:

Personally, I have never been able to understand why some gay men and (fewer) lesbians insist on voting Republican and supporting Republican candidates, some of them anti-gay. It's analagous to being a Jewish Nazi, especially in light of President Bush's appointments of wackos like John Ashcroft and the Republican party's alarming concessions to their own extreme right-wing elements. I also took notice that during Bush's recent trip to a concentration camp in Poland, he mentioned the Jews persecuted but not the many other groups, including homosexuals. Bush is in Egypt as I write this, and I have no illusion that he will mention the present-day persecution of homosexuals in Egypt.

What good is a tax cut if you're not truly free?

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