Friday, December 5, 2003

Keep FDR on the Dime

It seems the Republicans in Washington are up to their usual tricks. Now, some nutcase from Indiana, Mark Souder, wants to replace the Roosevelt dime with one bearing the visage of Ronald Reagan. Never mind the fact that Reagan's not even dead yet, and it's customary to wait until death to consider putting someone on the coinage or stamps.

Anyway, below is the text of the letter I wrote to this idiot. Please write your Congressman and Senators and stop this insanity.

Dear Congressman Souder,

I am writing in opposition to your bill to place Ronald Reagan on the U. S. Dime. I have the highest respect for Mr. Reagan as President and human being, but this is not the proper way to honor him.

Frankin Roosevelt was placed on the dime for several reasons, chief of which is he was the President who led America out of the Great Depression and to the brink of victory in World War II. Let us not forget that he was held in such esteem by the American people that they elected him President four times. The dime was also specifically chosen to carry FDR's image because of his close association with the March of Dimes. His memory has been defamed enough by the 22nd Amendment, an ill-advised addition launched by a partisan Republican Congress (and an amendment which Ronald Reagan opposed, by the way). Franklin Roosevelt's image deserves to remain on the dime.

Ronald Reagan is still alive. It is not customary to honor heroes on coinage or stamps until after they have died. Before we decide how best to honor President Reagan, we should allow him final rest.

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