Saturday, August 7, 2004

Playing politics with American soldiers...

The erroneous notion that Clinton did nothing to combat terrorism needs to be refuted.

In fact, Clinton's people stopped so many terror attacks just listing them would take most of my day--but let's not forget the Millenium attack, where Al-Queda planned to take out Los Angeles International Airport. Of course, that airport is frequented by Hollywood Liberals, so it probably wasn't worth saving.

Sure Iraq HAD weapons of mass destruction. Most of them had been destroyed during the first Gulf War and it's aftermath. Those that remained were in disrepair, or otherwise useless. Some conservative whackos have been sending out an email about Iraqi jets found buried in the desert--pretty pathetic, since most of them had their innards jammed with sand and were unuseable.

The FACT is that during the second Iraq war, Saddam Hussein was unable to launch ONE PLANE, or ONE SCUD MISSLE. The other FACT is that nearly all the resistance U.S. troops are now encountering are not Bathists loyal to Saddam, but Shiites and Islamic fundamentalists that Saddam kept under his thumb--indeed, many of these terrorists entered through Iraq's porous borders AFTER Bush's ill-advised aircraft carrier photo-op.

A little refresher for those who forget:

Bush tried to justify the war by sending Colin Powell to the UN with a bunch of bogus photos, claiming they were proof of WMD when they could have been anything. Then, when no WMD were found, Bush tried to play the Iraq/Al-Queda link card. Again, only the ignorant bought it--and they don't vote. Finally, Bush said it was a war of liberation.

So that's the policy: We sacrificed 900+ American soldiers (so far) so some Iraqi can visit Disneyland.

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