Friday, November 24, 2006

Trip to Puerto Rico - Thursday

By the time we awakened Thursday morning, we learned the fate of the Senate had been decided in favor of the Democrats.  As far as I was concerned, this was icing on the cake.

We had already decided to take a break from sightseeing.  So, we headed to Danny's house to pack the items he decided to send to Ohio, including some clothes, a set of bed sheets, and his Star Wars collectables.  It totalled 39 pounds in weight. 

Danny's house, under renovation, with his car parked
in front.

After going to the post office (Puerto Rico uses the U.S. postal system) to mail the items back, we went to Danny's brother Javier's place and spent some time relaxing.  Danny's nephew, Gabriel, is a bundle of energy.  

For dinner, we decided on Don Quixote restaurant in Aguada, which was a chance to sample some real Puerto Rican food.  We ate too much, and took some food with us in a doggie bag.  This proved useful as we headed to a secluded spot on the coast, where we watched the sunset.  A cat insinuated itself with us, and I gave it a few nibbles of our leftovers.    

Unfortunately, the cat couldn't take a picture of Danny & me together. 

The heat was very oppressive Thursday.  As evening approached, we decided to see a movie at the Aguadilla Mall.  Multiplexes in Puerto Rico are similar to their American counterparts, and they usually get movies the same time we do.  They even have the pre-show "don't talk during the show, turn off your cell phone" admonishment, in Español, of course.  We saw Borat, very unrefined, but hysterically funny.  It was interesting to see a film in English with Spanish subtitles, especially when the subtitles were written to give the impression of Borat's broken English. 

Next entry:  Friday in San Juan...

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