Thursday, November 6, 2008

There are a few sore losers out there who are equating Barack Obama's victory to reverse racism. "Those darned black and brown people voted for one of their own." But the election was merely a repudiation of modern Conservatism, and eight years of failed ecomomic and foreign policy. To me, it's ridiculous to equate Obama's election to some kind of reverse racism. It's not racism to have pride in a member of one's own community. When John F. Kennedy ran for President, Catholics overwhelmingly voted for him. Was that religious prejudice? Besides, Obama got more of the white vote in Ohio than did Gore or Kerry.

I also hope this election will put to rest that whole "experience" mantra as well. The Presidents who came into office with the most impressive resumes were Buchanan, Hoover, and the elder George Bush. How well did they do as President? The lesson of history is that judgement trumps experience every time.

Finally, this election is a vindication of Howard Dean's 50 state strategy, and a repudiation of the Clinton/McCauliffe strategy of only emphasising the states "that matter."

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