Monday, November 2, 2009

1 Year with Mason

The time change was to my benefit this weekend. I slept a lot – more than I have over one weekend in many months. Saturday, I awoke at 8:30 - which is phenomenally late for Mason. Sunday, I awoke at 6:45 – which was really 7:45 without the time change.

For my latest house project, I have decided to match the fixtures in the bathroom. The sink has Franciscan fixtures, and I installed a matching towel rack a few weeks ago. Now, I am searching for matching fixtures for the bathtub, but am having trouble. The bathtub is a lower priority, however, because the fixtures are concealed by the shower curtain. I found a match for the toilet handle, and will get it shortly. This it what my life has been reduced to: toilet handles.

Just one short year ago, Danny and I adopted Mason. It has been quite a year! Observing Mason’s growth – physical, mental, and in confidence – has been enthralling. We celebrated Mason’s anniversary with extra treats and a long walk. I also gave him a haircut and nail trimming, which he patiently accepted.

Mason at 8 weeks. 11/9/2008

Mason in October, patiently waiting for me to take the photo.

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