Friday, May 28, 2010

Lost after Lost

I can’t help wondering what happened on the Island after Jack died

But first, a brief clarification: Everything that happened on the Island was real. Oceanic 815 crashed there on September 22, 2004, and there were survivors. Some, like Boone, Shannon, and Charlie, died during the course of the show. Some survived and were able to escape, including Michael, Walt, and the Oceanic 6. Some remained. But the important thing to remember is that everything that happened on the island, including the time-shifts and the hydrogen bomb explosion, was real – within the context of the Lost universe.

Everything that happened in the last season’s flash-sideways sequences was not real. It took place in an ethereal world, separated from linear time – think of the Nexus from Star Trek Generations. Some people call this purgatory. 

So, here’s my imaginary continuation of Lost events after the conclusion of the series. It is based solely on my imagination and is not reflecting of the writers, producers, or ABC.

Soon after Jack died, Hugo, Ben, and the recovering Desmond found his body. As they were preparing to move him for burial, Vincent the dog showed up, followed by Bernard and Rose. Vincent went to get them after Jack died. 

Hugo gave the eulogy: “He was like Spock, dudes. He sacrificed himself to save us and the Island.” After the group buried Jack and had a good cry,, Hugo decided it would be best to move the remaining inhabitants - including the Others who had fled to the woods – back to the Barracks. With the war over the Island’s fate over, Rose and Bernard decided to leave their hut in the woods and join them.

Eventually, the Island’s inhabitants congregated at the Barracks. Hugo announced that henceforth, the date that Jack sacrificed himself and saved Island would be known as Thanksgiving, and dedicated to Jack’s memory. Hugo also let it be known that he would be leaving the Island for a brief time, and while he was gone, Ben would be in charge. As part of his new rules, Hugo stated that if anyone wanted to leave the Island, they would have to go with him, but that they could never return. Of the entire group, only Desmond chose to leave with Hugo.

Hugo’s purpose in returning to the outside world was threefold: He wanted to see his parents, and assure them he was alright; he wanted to make sure the Ajira escapees had made it home safely; he wanted to dispose of his financial assets, as he had no use for them on the Island. 

Hugo and Desmond took the sailboat left near Hydra Island, and set sail for the outside world. Hugo was able to contact the remaining survivors and filled them in about how Jack died saving the Island. He told them the Island was now safe, and they could come anytime, but he’d understand if they never wanted to.  He gave them a secret radio frequency where he could be contacted on the Island.   

While on the outside, Hugo ceded control of his companies to Richard, with the instructions that he must use their financial assets to make sure the Island remained hidden, and that no future Dharma Initiatives take place. (With that in mind, Richard gained control of the Hanso foundation after the stock market crash of 2008 and disbanded it.) Hugo also gave a portion of his wealth to the remaining survivors. Upon meeting with them, he learned that Claire had been reunited with Aaron, both of whom returned to Australia with Claire’s mother. Kate, per Sun’s Will, was given custody of Ji-Yeon. She remained friends with Sawyer, but they never married. Sawyer opened a para-normal investigating service with Miles. Lapidus decided to kick-back and enjoy his retirement. 

Once back in the outside world, Desmond reunited with Penny, telling her of Charles’ death. Penny inherited control of Widmore industries. Reviewing documents, she was shocked to learn that Charles’ story that he returned to the Island after seeing Jacob and having a change of heart was a ruse. Though he had met with Jacob, Charles’ hidden intention was to regain control of the Island, and use its unique healing properties for profit. 

Before returning to the Island, Hugo met with his parents, and was devastated to learn that his mother was sick with cancer. Hugo told his parents he knew of a place that could cure her cancer. Though skeptical at first, they accompanied him back to the Island, where the three of them remained for the rest of their lives. 

Upon returning to the Island with his parents, Hugo saw what good care Ben had taken of the Island and its inhabitants: The Barracks had been restored, and what was left of the Dharma stations were being carefully dismantled under Ben’s supervision. With the Island now safe, Hugo decided to delegate day-to-day operations to Ben. Hugo dedicated himself to doing what he did best: Taking care of people. Unlike Jacob, who would only see his direct subordinate, Hugo had an open door policy and would talk to anyone, anytime. He declined to live in the shadow of the statue, and lived in the Barracks with the other Islanders. He prepared supper for the group every Sunday, and for the Island’s Thanksgiving, he cooked Shepherd’s Pie in memory of Jack. 

Hugo did not flaunt his power as leader, and was much beloved for his modest, low-key style. During his tenure, he only allowed himself to perform one miracle: he gave immortality to Vincent in reward for his loyalty to the survivors. During this time, Hugo worried about one matter: who would succeed him as leader. He confided his worries to Ben and Richard, and they assured him that he would know who the leader should be when the time came.

About 25 years later: Ji-Yeon and Aaron, now grown, returned to Island, accompanied by an older but very fit Richard. Despite living on different continents, Ji-Yeon and Aaron had seen each other at the remaining survivors’ annual reunion on Oahu. Eventually, they fell in love and married. Ji-Yeon and Aaron immediately felt a connection to the Island. They decided to stay, and when Ben’s health began to fail, Hugo made them his co-assistants. Unlike many married couples, they worked well together. Hugo’s own health began to fail eventually, and that is when he made Ji-Yeon and Aaron co-leaders.

On the outside world, the remaining survivors grew old and died peacefully.

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