Monday, November 8, 2010

The letter the Plain Dealer declined to print

Cleveland's sole daily newspaper, The Plain Dealer, recently printed a letter from one of those exhurban dwellers who probably knows nothing of life beyond the cul-de-sac and the pulpit. These kinds of letters seem to be par-for-the-course in what many call The Very Plain Dealer, and always seem to come from the pens of the same few people from Brunswick, Seven Hills, Hudson, and the like.

I wrote a letter in response, which the PD declined to print. For your edification, here it is:

To the Editor:

In response to Marion B. Stewart's letter to the editor: Educate yourself. Read the scientific literature on sexuality. With the exception of "studies" funded by religious fundamentalists, they all come to the same conclusion: Sexuality is an inborn, immutable trait. "Conversion" therapy, which is merely the modern version of exorcism, doesn't work - and often results in deep psychological harm.

Religion, however, is not a biological trait. One's parents may be a particular religion, but at some point, an individual makes a conscious choice to embrace that religion, find another faith, reject religion altogether, or adopt a neutral stance.

I know of no LGBT activist who has suggested conversion therapy to "rescue" individuals from religion (despite all the destruction that has been carried out by those citing God, Allah, or Jesus as justification). The gay community’s demands for basic civil rights do nothing to prevent the religious from exercising theirs. LGBT people deserve the same courtesy.

Hank Drake
South Euclid, OH

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