Monday, August 22, 2011

Rubinstein plays Liszt

Sony has issued a 2-CD set compiling many of Arthur Rubinstein's Liszt recordings.

My review of Rubinstein: The Liszt Album

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Prole do Bebe said...

In your 2001 review of an issue of Rubinstein playing Liszt you mentioned the 1910 Favorit recording of one of the Hungarian Rhapsodies as being a lost recording. Incredibly a dub of this record turned up a week ago on YouTube together with the other side of the record. Here are the links:

It turns out at that prior to the appearance on YouTube, a dub had been posted on Allan Evans' site in a post about Friedman:

You will find the links if you scroll down. Further down in the comments you will see that Allan Evans explains that James Methuen-Campbell received a dub of the disc from the archive in Warsaw of Towarzystwo im. Fryderyka Chopin and shared it.