Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mittens, the cowardly hypocrite

What a disingenuous little creep Willard Mitt Romney is. Of course, anyone who endured the four years he was governor of Massachusetts will know this weasel will take any side on any issue to covet power. Romney’s term in the Bay State was one of the few times I haven’t regretted my decision to return to Ohio. Mitt truly has no principles, aside from wantonly and unapologetically engaging in animal abuse.

The latest example of Romney’s duplicity was his pooh-poohing President Obama’s decision to order the raid against Osama bin Laden - as if Romney has ever had to make a similar decision. Of course, Romney wants you to forget that he repeatedly stated his opposition to such a raid. Now, he’s trying to backpedal: “of course” he was for the raid all along. Romney topped it off by saying that “even Jimmy Carter” would have ordered last May’s raid on Bin Laden. I’ve no doubt that Carter would have ordered the raid. It was, after all, President Carter who authorized Operation Eagle Claw to rescue the Iranian hostages in 1980. The operation was a failure due to circumstances utterly beyond his control - the weather. But he took the responsibility and the blame nevertheless. Because that’s what leader do. That’s the difference between Jimmy Carter and pip-squeaks like Romney.

What too few people know is that Carter spent 10 years in the US Navy, eventually rising to the rank of Lieutenant. Carter, like many of his generation, answered the call to serve his country during World War II. Unlike many, he didn’t quit the military as soon as the war ended - he continued to serve until his father’s death compelled him to return to the family farm in Georgia in 1953. Why don’t many Americans know of Carter’s service? Simple: he never felt the need to boast about it.

What was Romney doing during the same period of his life? Avoiding service in Vietnam by taking draft deferments so he could canvas in France on behalf of his weird magical underwear cult.

Mittens certainly has nothing to teach Jimmy Carter about integrity, bravery, or decisiveness.
(Graphic by Josh Gilbert)

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