Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fitness Quest: Losing weight for the wrong reason

I have been blessed with a resilient digestive system. It’s a mixed blessing, however. When one can eat nearly anything without being adversely affected, one usually does. Prior to last weekend, the last time I had a bout with intestinal illness was in the middle 1990s – the last time before that was 1986.

Then last Friday night, I started to feel unwell. By 2am Saturday, the sweat started pouring, that green feeling started, and I was bent over the commode while my engines reversed. That’s as graphic as I’m going to get. But my engines reversed three times over the course of that Saturday, and I didn’t feel better until Monday afternoon. Naturally, all my weekend workouts were cancelled – as was a planned trip to Parade the Circle and Gordon Square.
I did a half workout Tuesday before feeling dizzy and stopping. I resumed my normal workout schedule Friday and now feel in the peak of health.

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