Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two Maps, Two Stories

Here are two maps which tell two different stories.
Atlantic magazine has created a Tolerance map, based on such factors as racial integration, number of immigrants, and percentage of LGBT people. NorthEast Ohio ranks high on the map.
The Southern Poverty Law Center has created a hate map, based on the number of hate groups within the state. Naturally, a larger state will have more groups. Paradoxically, several groups are located in NorthEast Ohio - one of the most integrated areas in America. Significantly, the SPLC map fails to list at least two groups which hide behind the cloak of religion to spread a message of hate: the American Family Association and Focus on the Family. However, the Westboro Baptist Church of Kansas is listed as a hate group - with their protests at military and celebrity funerals, they cannot be ignored.
Addendum: Here's another map worth considering:

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