Monday, October 14, 2013

Gary Graffman, complete recordings

Amazon has posted my review of Gary Graffman's complete recordings. Click here to read my review.


SHM said...

I very much enjoy your reviews - including this one - thank you. Perhaps you could answer this question. Is there not an error in the Aria of Brahms's Handel variations (within the first 10 seconds)?
Best regards
Soeren Moerup

Hank Drake said...

Forgive the delay in my reply, I was out of town on vacation.

I listened to the Handel Variations again yesterday and didn't hear any error.


Hi, Hank ! I read your review of the Gary Graffman set knowing that I would find there your trademark characteristics as a critic: learned commentary, perceptive technical analysis and stylish delivery. Once again, thanks for that. Now, you say that Graffman, together with Byron Janis and William Kapell, "were the exemplars of an emerging American school of pianism". And where would you place their contemporary Julius Katchen ? I've always thought of Katchen as an American firebrand, on a par with those three in terms of technical prowess and interpretative insight. How would you rate him in this exalted company ?

Thanks and best regards,