Saturday, February 8, 2014

Telling Mansion update

The 2nd lawsuit filed by the Save the Mansion Library group has been dismissed. The deed has been transferred and the Mansion is now owned by the Richard A. Barone charitable trust. According to this article, the SML group is considering a 3rd lawsuit – although it’s not specified what the lawsuit intends to accomplish since the Mansion has been sold. Meanwhile, the case against the SML leader who allegedly assaulted a Cuyahoga County Public Library board member goes to trial March 4.

 I understand and share people’s frustrations with the way the CCPL handled the library move – especially with regard to those in Lyndhurst. The fact remains, the CCPL is an independent entity (per the State and County charters), and elected officials can’t decide where the library builds any more than they can decide which books the library carries. When certain members of the SML group state the South Euclid city council and/or Planning Commission can stop the new Library from being built, they are lying.

With yet another lawsuit under consideration by the SML group, one has to ask: What part of “NO” don’t they understand? How can their leaders, in good conscience, continue to solicit donations for legal actions which have no chance of success? A member of the SML group boasted that they have several thousand dollars bankrolled – all of which is apparently going to lawyer’s fees. Wouldn’t what money be put to better use keeping the Mansion opened as a cultural and arts center? Those of us who love the Telling Mansion have a choice: Continue to exploit people’s anger over the way CCPL handled the deal, or move forward with a constructive plan for the Mansion.

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