Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Papers & Politics

The Plain Dealer, Cleveland's gutless wonder of a newspaper, has declined to endorse either Bush or Kerry in the upcoming election. Here's what led to this nonevent: The PD's editorial board voted 5-2 to endorse Kerry. But the PD's publisher, Alex "the Snake" Makashee overrode the board and demanded a Bush endorsement. Word leaked out, negative publicity ensued, and now the PD has had to save face by wimping out. Typical in this one paper town, where even the very Plain Dealer can't afford to lose any more subscribers.

The numbers in the race are such a confused muddle, all bets are off. My gut tightens whenever I think about it.

Bill Clinton was on the trail yesterday. He looked pale and thin--I wonder if he's on his daughter's Vegan diet. But his speech proved he's still the master. Damn that 22nd Amendment! Even with his recent health troubles, Bill Clinton would be a better President than Dubya on his healthiest day.

Speaking of politics, my father has been inundating me with chain emails, mostly political--and definitely politically incorrect! One recent whopper involved HIV tainted ketchup containers in fast food restaurants--warning to use ketchup from packets only. So, you can imagine what he has to say about Kerry!

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