Monday, November 1, 2004

One More Day

Went to the Kerry rally in downtown Cleveland this evening. The crowd was huge and motivated. I only hope that the voters will be equally motivated tomorrow.

There were several speakers as the evening progressed: Mayor Jane Campbell, Congressmembers Sherrod Brown, Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, and my Congressman Dennis Kucinich. John Glenn gave an eloquent speech about Bush's bungled war planning--unfortunately, some jerk behind me was talking on his cell phone, so I missed some of his points. Then, Glenn introduced Bruce Springsteen, who played three songs and spoke with dignity and wisdom about what's at stake tomorrow. The Boss introduced John and Theresa Kerry. The crown went wild. Mrs. Kerry made some pointed remarks, promising that President Kerry would know the difference between "pride and arrogance." Then Kerry gave a rousing stump speech, his fatigue showing only briefly when he stumbled over his words. But he recovered and gave a strong finish.

Tomorrow, I vote. Historically, high voter turnout has tended to help Democrats. In this election, things seem to be too close to call, so all bets are off.

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