Monday, April 6, 2009

Home Improvement

Danny and I began work on the exterior - our summer project.  We're keeping the wood siding for now.  We plan to keep the colors mostly the same, except the grey shutters will be painted Navy Blue, as will the trim around the door.

Front of the house.  I took down the eagle - multiple layers of paint obscured the details.  After the house is repainted, the eagle will be restored and remounted.

The North Wall.  This is the unfortunate view people heading down the road have when approaching our house.  Since it's the tallest house on the block, the wear is painfully obvious.

The South Wall.  This will be the first section to be completed.  The branches from a small tree rubbed against the front corner.  The tree was severely trimmed last week.

Preparing the south wall.  Work had to be abandoned Saturday due to high winds. 

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