Saturday, April 25, 2009

Return Home from DC

I decided this morning to skip a tentatively planned trip to Mount Vernon and go directly home. With the price of admission, the limitations on photography, and the delay in getting home, it just didn’t seem worth it. I could tell Danny was disappointed, so I decided to award him a consolation prize – more on that later.

After carbo loading at a nearby IHOP, we were on our way. Unlike the trip to DC, the weather was cooperative and within four hours we were pulling in to the IKEA at Robinson Towne Center, much to Danny's surprise and delight. I wasn’t planning on buying much much. Of course, we wound up getting quite a bit. We were home by late afternoon, and were relieved to find the house had been unmolested and no appliances had been accidentally left on.

As soon as the car was unpacked, we were on our way in Danny’s Yaris to the West Side to pick up Mason. It was a joyous reunion and a fitting conclusion to an eventful, but exhausting trip.

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