Monday, August 31, 2009

Painting and dining

An eventful week passed that found me feeling defeated one day and accomplished the next.

Much of the week, I was feeling the effects of a tendon strain that seems to be turning into a chronic condition. I have come to the conclusion that I must indefinitely suspend strength training on my legs (at least my upper legs), but I can continue working the elliptical machine as long as the resistance settings are not set too high. Tuesday evening, things were painful enough that I took a
Flexeril and Vicodin and within an hour I was a zombie.

I spent much of the rest of the week trying to regain enough focus to do my work and put together plans for the weekend. The major item on the agenda was painting the dining room, which I’ve been wanting to do for ten months. (The previous owner killed the first floor with beige, and I decided to paint the dining room a shade of red to break things up.) Friday evening, I felt well enough to tape off the moulding and, with Danny’s help, move the furniture out of the way.

The dining room last November. Nice but rather plain.

Saturday morning, I had to get some more masking tape to finish off the moulding, fill out some areas with spackle, and then I went to work painting, starting with the areas around the trim.

By 1pm, the first coat was completed. After relaxing for a few hours, I applied the second coat, and the dining room was done by evening. Unfortunately, as I was removing the masking tape, some layers of paint on the trim came off, so I will have to repaint the trim eventually. It’s not a high priority for now. The room now has a more vibrant look, contrasting with the mellow ambience of the living room. The darker color also highlights the artwork.

Mostly finished, with the masking tape still on the trim.

Sunday morning, my alarm went off at 6:25 as usual, and Mason was there to enforce it. But as he was licking my face, I told Mason it was “quiet time”, and he promptly laid down and let out an exasperated sigh. He let me sleep in till 8am. After a quick glass of OJ, I took Mason for a ride to my buddy Stan’s house to pick up a
Star Trek cookbook for a party we’re having next week. After we got back, Danny made waffles and we relaxed between folding loads of laundry. At 4pm, we had Zsolt over for drinks and dinner in our “new” dining room. It was a pleasure sharing dinner with a friend, especially one who was open to Mason’s exuberant affection.

Zsolt dances with Mason

Zsolt and Mason, last November

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