Monday, October 19, 2009

Sick as a Dog...

Poor Mason was sick for part of the weekend. He awakened Danny & me Saturday around 4AM, pacing in the bedroom and whimpering. I took him out for a walk and he did his business. Thinking all was well, we went back home. But an hour later Mason had an accident, and a half hour after that, he vomited. Fortunately, our vet was able to squeeze us in that morning. When this kind of situation happens, vets most fear an obstruction (such as when a dog eats a sock), but the vet didn’t detect any lumps or sore spots in Mason. So, he gave him an IV to rehydrate him, some meds, and feeding instructions: small portions of white rice, warm chicken broth, and some lean ground beef. Mason spent the rest of Saturday cuddling with his two Daddies, while we watched TV.

By Sunday, Mason was back to his usual bouncing, happy self, and he consented to have his photo taken.

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