Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Movie and a Walk

Danny’s work schedule has changed from the graveyard shift to 2nd shift, with alternating weekends off.

Friday night, Danny was at work, so I accepted Zsolt’s invitation to a quick dinner before he headed off to Severance Hall to hear the orchestra. We enjoyed ourselves at Mi Pueblo, although I prefer the more downscale, hearty food at El Rodeo. Still, it was fun to watch Zsolt down a giant margarita.

Saturday, Danny and I headed to the west side to see the newly reopened and renovated Capitol Theatre. Most impressive. The theatre, which opened in 1921, had been closed since the 1980s. The restoration respects the era when movie theatres were elegant gathering places, but also features digital projection and a new sound system. The concession will feature beer and wine, once the theatre receives a liquor license. Danny and I saw Capitalism: A Love Story, shown in one of the two small screening rooms, which have been incorporated into what used to be the main theatre’s balcony. It’s nice that the west side now has a theater which will show off the beaten path films, and a further positive development for the Gordon Square area. Another nice touch: ample and free parking.

We had some time to kill before the movie started, so we enjoyed lunch at Rincon Criollo, a small Puerto Rican restaurant around the corner. There’s also a kitschy store across the street, which seems to be an attempt to fill in the void left by Diverse Universe’s closing.

This afternoon, we met up with some people from Out & About for a nature walk at Orchard Hills, behind Patterson Fruit Farm in Chesterland. We took Mason with us, who was a little rambunctious. The trails were paved, which made the walk easier than usual, but we went pretty far. In all, we walked around two hours.

Danny being walked by Mason.

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