Sunday, November 27, 2011

Staycation renovation

I was on staycation last week, watching Mason and the house while Dan traveled to his brother’s place in Virginia. Although I was sick with a sinus infection for all but two of those days, I took the opportunity to get some work done in the house: I removed the carpeting from the upstairs hallway. Taking out the layer of tan, shag carpeting, I found remnants of bright orange shag underneath it, along with the carpet pad. I also found evidence of some sloppy tile work in the threshold where the bathroom meets the hallway. The entire job would have been done in three hours if not for that sloppy tile work. As it was, I had to neaten that up, buy a new threshold cover, and fit that to the door frame. But it was worth it. The existing floor has been preserved by the carpeting and looks better than the bedroom floors – which have a bit of wear.

Mason in the upstairs hallway

Hallway floor

Hallway floor

I also considered taking out the carpeting in the family room, but there are two obstacles which make that impractical. For one, the existing wood floors are poor quality and would have to be heavily renovated or covered with better hardwood. Also, the family room is an addition to the house (added in 1956, according to records) and is built over a crawl space that vents to the outside – so the floors would become very cold in winter. So, we have decided to replace the existing carpet.

Dan returned on Thanksgiving day via Akron-Canton airport. We stopped at the Waffle House in Green for our Thanksgiving dinner. Surprisingly good – and no clean up on our part.

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