Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An open letter to University Circle Inc.

Whenever I go to various parts of Cleveland, including Gordon Square, East 4th Street, or University Circle, I am impressed at the extent of development. Most impressive to me is the work at University Circle: MOCA, Circle 118, the new Uptown Apartments, and the Seidman Cancer Center (a spectacular building I hope I never need to visit).

Imagine my disappointment a recent Sunday morning when my spouse and I parked at the corner of Ford Road and Euclid Avenue, only to discover the Denny’s on Bellflower Court was closed until 4PM. (The Denny’s website makes no mention of this location’s restricted hours.) So much for the big breakfast!

Imagine our second dose of disappointment when we learned that the new Barnes & Noble at Uptown is closed on Sundays.

If the powers that be at University Circle Inc., want to expand its appeal beyond Case students, Parade the Circle visitors, and arts patrons, they need to ensure that merchants are open for business.

Hank Drake

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