Monday, September 3, 2012

BRGR9 - Excellent Burgers and Service

It’s not often one can become enthusiastic about a hamburger joint, especially in Cleveland which has an overabundance of red meat eateries, but BRGR9 has much to appeal to the burger lover. First is the locale, right on West 9th Street in the middle of the warehouse district and proudly amongst higher priced restaurants. Second is the immaculately clean interior which contrasts nicely with the “come as you are” vibe.

I had the Land & Sea burger, featuring lobster scallion roulade, chive butter, and lemon crème fraiche over a half-pound patty cooked to a perfect medium rare. The flavoring was complex and interesting, best enjoyed slowly to avoid overloading one’s senses.

My dining partner had the Local, which featured Ohio cheddar, caramelized onions, bratwurst, and a pierogi on top of the patty. The mix of the salty bratwurst and the sweetness of the onions made for a taste that was like a trip to the West Side Market.

By the way, the menu is ala carte, meaning sides are not included (fear not, fries are available for a mere $1.99 extra). As an alternative to fries, we split an order of Sweet Potato Tater Tots, served with two varieties of mayonnaise: orange and cajun flavored. Delicious!

Although the burgers and tots were filling, we still had room for a split dessert. We chose the Deconstructed Peanut Butter Cup. The name does not do justice to the subtle taste and texture, more mousse-like than one would expect. It was satisfying without being heavy.

When weather permits, BRGR9 has outdoor seating available, and they are dog friendly.

Service was excellent in every respect, from the timing of the orders to the refilling of drinks (even my dog’s ice water).

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