Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cleveland, Ohio to Host 2014 Gay Games

No doubt the religious right in Northeast Ohio is collectively crapping its pants about this.

Cleveland won out over Boston (which didn't make much of an effort) and Washington, DC. Miami, once under consideration, dropped out.

Predictably, the chat boards are filling up with snide comments, particularly from sore losers in Boston. The bitterness, condescension, and sense of entitlement emanating from these chowderheads serve only to remind me of the nine largely miserable years I lived in Boston.


Boston Bobby said...

I disagree about all Bostonians leaving snide comments.

I am completely embarrassed by the lack of effort and lack of professionalism that they put forth on this bid.

And it's chowdah-head.

See below, a copy of my post on towleroad:

Boston's bid was a JOKE.

There were very few athlete's at the rally.

The event was not properly wired for sound.

The MC was crude, unfunny and should have been shot.

The speakers were mostly gay activists from the gay marriage debates (such as Wendell, and the chick with the huge ass)... Most of their speeches were factually incorrect and had nothing to do with the bid and bringing the games to Boston.

There were 2 half-naked Asians sporting feather boas as you walked in... WHO decided to put those there?

While the delegation was in Boston, they did meet with local officials - which was good, however the planning of the entire time they were here was lukewarm, not thoroughly thought through and left a bitter taste in many people's mouths.

The other 2 cities had a plan - Boston's bid was half-baked at most and thus the reason why it was not fully considered.

Probably for the best, Boston's gay community is financially strapped and there was little support for this effort by local businesses. The committee could barely afford to send a delegation to Germany.

Snaps for DC on putting out a good effort and congrats Cleveland.

Hank Drake said...

I used to know a Bobby who lived in Boston, but that was decades ago.

Of course, you're right - I'm sure there were some Bostonians who approached the situation with more grace than, say, Bostonfan. But his attitude was very familiar to me, and smacked of smug entitlement. When he spouted that Cleveland had nothing to offer except the Rock Hall, it set me off.

Ah yes, I should have spelled chowdah-head phonetically.

Hank Drake said...

BTW, if you want to catch up on what's happening in Cleveland right now, go here:

It's not exclusively gay content, but it is gay centric and much more interesting than the official gay news rag.