Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Horowitz and Beethoven

An article I wrote in 2004 about Vladimir Horowitz's Beethoven recordings (once posted on the now-defunct All About Classical website) has been reposted at The Horowitz Website, now the definitive repository for information about the pianists's recordings.

Here's a direct link to the article, which will be revised and updated with new material in my upcoming book, Toward the Flame: Reflections on Vladimir Horowitz.

Just for fun, here are the two infamous LP covers I refer to in the article, along with the cover from Horowitz's Emperor Concerto recording:

Pretty pink moon. Did the astronauts see that?

That's a very plain looking candelabra. What would Liberace say?

The original cover for this LP was very plain.
This was for a reprint using the same catalogue number.

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Hi, Hank ! I'm glad to know of your book on Horowitz, and I'll be one of the first to buy it. The "Vers la Flamme" title is a real find.
Best regards, Carlos