Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trip to Vermont: Monday - September 13

After a good night’s sleep, Danny & I headed down the road to the Duxbury town clerk’s office for our marriage license. We brought our birth certificates in case he asked for them, but surprisingly he didn’t ask for any ID whatsoever. Upon our return to the Lodge, we entered the kitchen where Greg and Willie greeted us with embraces as if we were long lost friends. During our entire stay there, they set a relaxed ambience that made us feel completely at-home.
After breakfast, we discussed the ceremony with Greg, deciding to have it at 4PM Tuesday near the pond. Then Danny & I headed out for some sightseeing, starting with Vermont favorite the Ben & Jerry’s ice Cream factory tour. This was a hoot, and the tour guide was relaxed and humorous, even when a British tourist pestered him about the discontinuation of Rainforest Crunch (it was due to the supplier of the “crunch” retiring).

From there, we headed down the road to a local cider place before returning to walk around downtown Waterbury, which more than makes up in charm for what it lacks in size. A typical New England mill town, Waterbury is remarkably pedestrian friendly, with small shops, more restaurants than we had time to sample, and very amicable people - who actually make eye-contact with passers-by.

By now it was mid-afternoon, and we headed back to the Lodge for a nap before going to dinner. There are so many unique restaurants in town (not a fast food chain in site) it was difficult to decide where to go. In the end, we went to The Reservoir, a typical burgers & beer type place, with a Vermont twist: they offered a burger made from whatever wild game had been caught - in this case, Elk. I’d never had Elk before, so I ordered it medium rare. The taste is similar to Bison. Danny had the Fanny Pack sized Burrito, which was bigger than Chipotle’s.
We skipped dessert and instead got a pumpkin pie from the local grocery store, which we brought back to share with the Lodge. It was our last evening as an unmarried couple.

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