Monday, September 13, 2010

Trip to Vermont: Sunday - September 12

Daniel and I went to Vermont for a combination vacation/wedding. We had planned this for several months, and it had been on my mind since 2009 when Vermont transitioned from civil unions to full marriages for same-sex partners.
We left Mason and Valdo with Mark Saturday night. We awakened early Sunday and were on the road at 6:23AM. The trip via Interstate-90 through Ohio, Pennsylvania, and most of New York was uneventful. After we left I-90, we found ourselves navigating a series of more rural and winding roads, eventually entering Vermont. Danny has never been to the Green Mountain State, and I was only there once previously, in 1992. It’s the only place I’ve ever been that actually looks like its own postcards. I find the mountains, country roads, and scenery very appealing.
We arrived at Moose Meadow Lodge just before 6PM. The Lodge is a very large log home on an 86 acre estate featuring extensive trails, a pond, and a sky view gazebo.

We stayed in the Creel Room, which was larger than I expected - it featured a balcony overlooking part of the woods. The bathroom has a two-person shower with a steam machine - which came in handy when I started to feel a sore throat coming on - which never fully materialized. The Lodge, on the border of Duxbury and Waterbury, is owned and run by Greg Trulson and Willie Docto, who’ve been together for nearly 20 years. Willie, an amateur violinist, also prepares daily breakfast for the guests - our three days we were delighted with omelet wraps, pecan pancakes, and the finest eggs Benedict I’ve ever eaten. Greg is also a Justice of the Peace and he presided over our ceremony - he also officiated over the first same-sex marriage in Vermont just after midnight on September 1, 2009.

We didn’t actually see Greg & Willie until Monday morning - on Sunday, they were out with friends, but they left the door unlocked with a note for us. (In that part of Vermont, people don’t lock their doors anyway). But Kelly & Kerri, a couple visiting from North Carolina were there, and they welcomed us and mentioned some places to get dinner. After unpacking our things, we headed to Zachary’s Pizza for dinner, including especially fine Chicken Alfredo pizza. By the time we got back to the Lodge, it was dark outside, and we watched some TV before going to bed.

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