Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fitness Quest: October 15

I had a potential setback on Thursday, October 6. Toward the tail end of my workout, while doing some intense work on my “core” (back, abs, and obliques), I felt a pull in my back and let out a yelp of pain. Bryan, my trainer, immediately halted the workout. Despite the use of Icy/Hot when I got home, I continued to feel sore Friday, and took a Flexeril that night – which more than did the trick as I was something of a Zombie well into Saturday.

By Sunday morning, I felt completely better, and headed to the gym for what turned out to be my best workout in a month. Toward the end of my routine, while doing a tricep pulldown, I noticed something I have never seen before: defined biceps and triceps. This is part of a trend over the last few months: first there was definition in my lower legs, then my shoulders – particularly where the trapezius runs from the shoulders to the neck – then my forearms, and now my upper arms. Previously, I’ve been able to get a decent sized but undefined lump of muscle. Now, for the first time in my life, I’m starting to see some striation. This indicates that my modified diet and my combination of strength-training and longer cardio sessions is finally working – even though my actual weight loss has been minimal. The definition is not always noticeable, only when I’ve just worked out and am “pumped-up”, but the progress is definite.

A side benefit of getting into better shape is that my sleep has improved. I’ve grown accustomed over the years to having two poor nights of sleep per week – being unable to fall asleep due to worries, an excess of energy, or physical discomfort. Now, I’m asleep almost immediately after my head hits the pillow - and I sleep through until morning. I had to work late on Thursday night, so my sleeping patterns were disrupted.

10/15/2011 weight: 214#

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