Saturday, October 1, 2011

Horowitz plays Medtner (original take)

Happy Birthday, Volodya


nearenough said...

Does "original take" mean the first of more than one take and was the original take used in the released CD? Thanks. JN

Hank Drake said...

Hi John.

By original take, I mean the take that Horowitz authorized to be released on Columbia's Great Songs of Christmas - 1969. The music on this video is what was heard on that LP - which I found in a 2nd hand shop in Cape Coral, Florida several years ago.

All CD issues of this work have used - at least in part - a different take.

Hank Drake said...

By the way, a user on another forum asked why Horowitz would have chosen this piece for a Christmas album. I suspect Horowitz might have chosen the work to reflect his opinion on religion in general - a "fairy tale"!