Monday, October 24, 2011

Fitness Quest: October 24

I had a pleasant surprise this afternoon when I stepped on the scale: my weight has dropped again – this time to 212 ½ pounds (yes, I am counting fractions when they work in my favor – I need all the encouragement I can get). This boosted my mood at a time fraught with some personal strife I’d rather not go into here. During the previous week, I’ve had a slight reoccurrence of my brachial plexus injury (that’s fancy talk for a pinched nerve), but I soldiered on through my workouts. I find myself able to do things with coordination and weights that were impossible for me before. But I still have limitations: my right knee remains inflexible and weak, so that my right leg can only hold my weight for a short time while bent. This is a problem that’s been creeping up on me for many years – I first noticed it when I lived in New England – but it has definitely grown more pronounced as of late. Both my ankles, but particularly the right, also have limited stamina. I have upped my time on the elliptical machine to 35 minutes. At that point, my body is not fatigued, but my ankles start to pain. So at that point I switch to a stationary bike.

10/24/2011 weight: 212 ½ #

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