Monday, December 14, 2009

Vacation in Puerto Rico - 3

Tuesday - December 8, 2009
Tuesday was in many ways the high point of our trip, for several reasons.
We awakened fairly early and, after breakfast, headed to El Yunque National rainforest. This is one of the wonders of the world, set aside as a park by order of President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903. We were greeted at the gate of the visitors’ center by an exceptionally good looking young man. Entrance to the visitors’ center is only $3 per person – the park itself is free.

After perusing the visitors’ center we headed toward the parking lot to meet Ian, who I've known via the Internet for several months. After watching a short orientation movie, we headed up the hill to La Coca waterfall, where Danny and I climbed a side path to a large boulder in front of the waterfall.

Then we headed all the way to the top of the hill for a long downhill hike along the river to the main waterfall – which was a spectacular sight.

The hike back was moderately challenging, and we built up an appetite for dinner. After agreeing on the relatively gringo choice of Outback Steakhouse, we headed toward the hotel/casino in San Juan where it was located. Unfortunately, upon arrival, we discovered they didn’t open until 5:30. (Establishments tend to open late in Puerto Rico. The local Post Office didn’t open until 10am.) So, we ate at the hotel restaurant. There was a great deal of very loud renovation going on, but we enjoyed our meal and our good looking waiter.
At dinner, we decided to meet up the next morning to take the ferry to Culebra. Following an adventurous drive out of San Juan (I hate driving in cities, and San Juan is one of the worst cities for driving), Ian headed home while Danny and I shopped at the outlet mall in Canovanas. We didn’t find many bargains, and made it back to the B&B early enough to get some much needed rest.

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