Monday, December 21, 2009

Blue people

Saturday, Danny & I went to see Avatar at the Capitol Theater. This was our second trip to the newly refurbished theater and our first look inside the fabulous main auditorium. I was less impressed with the film itself. Yes, there are stunning GCI visuals. But the story itself is a ham-handed allegory about America’s genocide against Native American Indians. (Even to the extent that the natives are called Na’vi, and speak a language that sounds like the Navajo language.) Dances with Wolves is far preferable for that kind of film. Avatar was worth seeing once, just for the eye candy, but not worth seeing again.

After the movie, we headed to the Big Egg for an afternoon breakfast. Cleveland has made a great splash over the last decade with the explosion in haute cuisine restaurants. But I have a fondness for greasy spoons like the Big Egg.

Danny had to work second-shift on Sunday, so I headed to several malls for once last dose of retail hell to get a few last items. I’m very glad my Christmas shopping is over & done with.

This morning, we took Mason to the vet, where he was given his updated shots and a perfect bill of health.

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