Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

I had a quiet Christmas weekend. There was nothing to do at work, with half our department gone. So, I left around noon on Thursday and did some quick grocery shopping before heading home. (I am astonished that roast beef is now almost $10/pound!)

As a kid, I clearly recall awakening early on Christmas morning, running downstairs, and eagerly anticipating the rest of the family waking up so we could open our presents. My father was usually up around the same time as I. By nature, we are both early risers. This year, to my surprise, we slept in until nearly 9am. Even Mason kept quiet.

Santa's li'l helper

Danny and I exchanged presents – my first present to him was some Caribou Coffee (Danny is a major coffee drinker), and I also bought him some clothes and assorted goodies. Danny bought me Star Trek and Wizard of Oz blu-rays, a wall calendar, and stocking stuffers. From my dad and stepmom, I got a reed diffuser. It was Mason who got the most booty, and he will be taken care of in the toys & treats department for quite some time.

Danny models his flannel

Danny was planning on making dinner in the slow cooker, so I took us out to IHOP for breakfast. It was rather busy there. All the stores around it were closed of course. Most of the rest of the day was quiet since Danny had to work the graveyard shift that night.

Much of the rest of the weekend involved Danny and me getting up to date with Lost and Dexter. Not very Christmas-y shows. We also did some minor rearranging of furniture to create a kind of breakfast nook and open up some counter space in the kitchen.

This morning, I woke up to a snowy driveway, and couldn’t start my snow blower. So, Danny and I shoveled the driveway the old fashioned way.

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