Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vacation in Puerto Rico - 4

Wednesday - December 9, 2009
Wednesday was at once the most relaxing and the most aggravating day of our trip. It started out pleasantly enough. Gladys arranged to serve our breakfast early so we would be on time for the ferry to Culebra, where we met up with Ian. While waiting in line to buy tickets, I got a nice phone call from my niece Laura, thanking me for the Christmas card I sent. The tickets to Fajardo were only $2.25 each way.
We boarded the ferry and sat topside. The 17-mile ride was about one hour, and there were some rough waves which made the ride like a low energy roller coaster. Upon arrival in Culebra, a taxi-van took us to Flamenco Beach. This is the most pristine beach I have ever seen: Lovely, and un-crowded. I brought along SPF50, but in less than two hours I was moderately sunburned. After looking like a ghost for the last few months, I didn’t mind.

Around noon, we grabbed a snack at one of the shacks the line the beach, and I petted a stray cat before boarding the taxi-van to the 1pm ferry.

Back in Fajardo, Danny and I said our goodbyes to Ian, who was headed back to Caguas.
After a quick shower, Danny and I headed toward Bayamon to the local Costco so we could buy a gift basket for Gladys, and to see if any bargains were to be found. Driving in Bayamon was even more aggravating than in San Juan (Danny’s brother had advised us to be careful). We found the gift basket I wanted, but not much else was there that couldn’t be found at any other Costco. Nor did they have a gas station. So, out trip was mostly a bust, as we could have found a nice gift basket elsewhere.

I wasn’t about to drive back to Fajardo in rush hour traffic, so we ate at the Sizzler across the street before heading back. There are remarkably few fat people in Puerto Rico, but some obese guy kept cutting me off in the buffet there.

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