Friday, December 18, 2009

Vacation in Puerto Rico - final entry

Saturday – December 12, 2009

Neither Danny nor I slept much Friday night. Travelling makes me tense – worrying about getting to the airplane on time and knowing in advance about the hassles to be endured. We awakened early, had breakfast, and said our goodbyes to Gladys and her wonderful staff.

By the time we left Passion Fruit, we were a half-hour ahead of schedule. We didn’t encounter much traffic, but ran into a super-slow gas pump at one gas station. One big complaint I have about Puerto Rico is that most gas pumps there do not have built-in credit card machines, which means you have to go into the station, throw down your money, fill up, then go back into the gas station and get your change – if any. What can I say? I’m a spoiled Gringo.

As mentioned in a prior post, San Juan has a great airport. But the airline workers are as annoying and useless as in any city. The check-in desk for United was understaffed, and after a USDA check to make sure we weren’t carrying any diseased snails in our luggage, we waited an eternity in line for our boarding passes.

Our flight, including the long wait at Dulles for our connection, was uneventful. After getting home to drop off our luggage and turn the heat back up (I had set it at 50* for the trip, cold enough to save money, but warm enough to keep the pipes from freezing), we headed to Mark’s house to pick up Mason and Valdo. Mason was his usual loving self, signaling his joy at seeing us by jumping on us and emitting hypersonic whimpers. I was unable to judge Valdo’s reaction. Danny and I had a wonderful time in Puerto Rico, but it was great to be home.

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